In the creation of historic ornamental wrought ironwork, exceptional skill was demanded from the smiths of the time. Quality restoration of such work demands like for like materials and mastery of the original techniques. Topp & Co has over 30 years experience in both the conservation and restoration of historic wrought and cast ironwork. We pride ourselves in having the biggest workshop in the country consisting of fully trained smiths with similar skills to those of the 18th and 19th centuries, for example wrought iron worked at the anvil by forge welding techniques. Our blacksmiths are also fully conversant with the materials used and their properties i.e. puddled and charcoal wrought iron as well as cast iron.

Cromwell road railing project - July 2017

The Natural History Museum Railing Restoration

We are currently restoring the boundary railings at the Grade I Listed Natural History Museum in London. The railings appear …

holland park cropped lo res

Holland Park Kensington – Entrance Gate Restoration

All that glitters is actually gold. We have just re-installed the lovely gates to the Earls Court entrance to Holland Park …

feature image

Ironwork restoration for an estate entrance

The restoration of these magnificent entrance gates were done in 2014 for a private customer and in our opinion represent craftsmanship of …

installation 1

Nineteenth century wrought iron gates restoration

Restoration of a pair of exquisitely made nineteenth century wrought iron gates for a client in the north of England. …

Exhibition Park Bandstand 2

Bandstand Restoration for Exhibition Park in Newcastle

We have recently completed the restoration of this beautiful bandstand for Exhibition Park in Newcastle. Completed on time and to the …


Brochure on wrought iron and restoration

This link will take you to our e-brochure page which contains brochures on wrought iron as well as other areas …


London Town House railing restoration

These front of house railings and lanterns, very typical of London classical properties, were given their two hundred year overhaul, …


South Shields Life Boat Canopy Restoration

We received an order to completely dismantle, strip, restore, re-produce, re-roof and repaint the existing Victorian canopy over the ‘Tyne’ …


Grimston Park entrance gate restoration

Recently restored entrance gates and overthrow.

Work to remove gates

Halifax Market historic gates restoration

The historic sets of gates at Halifax Borough Market are getting a makeover – carefully being restored to their former …