Keeping heritage crafts alive
Creating original ornamental wrought ironwork demanded exceptional skill from the smiths of the 18th and 19th centuries. Restoring and conserving these irreplaceable treasures today requires the same mastery of techniques and materials from our modern-day smiths.

By deploying the same skills and craftsmanship as the smiths from the golden age of ironwork, we recreate, restore and conserve beautiful and elaborate heritage features from around the world.

Recreating iron masterpieces

The metalworkers at Topp & Co. have more than 35 years’ experience of conserving and restoring historic wrought and cast iron work, and we’re proud to continue the traditions of generations of Great British ironworkers. We have one of the largest and best-equipped workshops in the country and our highly skilled smiths use the same techniques as their forbears, including anvil working and forge welding, to recreate the beauty and wonder of our architectural heritage.

Project in focus

The Natural History Museum Railing Restoration

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The Latest News


A customer in Japan asked us to Manufacture the genuine heritage wrought iron ‘gull-wing’ floors and chain plates. The new ‘gull-wing’ tapered floors were formed under the power hammer from 4” x 1-1/2”” billet which was hot rolled using 4″ […]

Sheraton Grand Hotel, Piccadilly – Silver Gallery balustrade restoration

On the 31st March 2019 the ceiling of the Silver Gallery of the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Piccadilly, collapsed due to a burst water pipe causing severe damage to the gallery fabric and decoration. The Silver Gallery is in regular use […]