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Great British craftsmanship in architectural metal.
Topp & Co. sets the standard for architectural and bespoke metalwork design, craftsmanship and ingenuity. Our long experience gives us a pedigree in crafting exquisite metalwork, from intricate architectural features in steel and bronze to bold, elaborate ironwork. Whether we are creating complex and challenging new metalwork or restoring iconic heritage features, we apply the same skills, attention to detail and artistry to every project.

Stairs and balustrades

Our craftsmen work with brass, bronze, stainless steel, mild steel, wrought iron or cast iron to create individually designed balustrades that suit your tastes and the style and scale of your property.

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Gates & railings

Create an unforgettable first impression with bespoke gates and railings crafted by our specialists. Whether we are producing elaborate iron railings or beautifully crafted gates for modern buildings, you can rely on our attention to every detail.

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Our skills, attention to detail and workmanship are trusted by some of the UK’s most prominent and prestigious properties, from Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament to Castle Howard and York Minster.


We have more than 35 years’ experience of conserving and restoring historic wrought and cast iron work, and we’re proud to continue the traditions of the golden age of British ironworking.

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We craft unique handrails from bronze, steel and wrought iron, as well as combining these metals with leather, chrome or timber features. We can create handrails in any shape or form suit your particular requirements.

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Bronze work

The timeless beauty of bronze is harnessed by our skilled metalworkers and reimagined using advanced design technology to create a new generation of fine architectural bronze work.

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To lead in our industry requires collaboration with carefully aligned specialist partners. our relationships with leading architects, designers, specialist contractors, conservation experts, pattern makers and foundries are central to our ability to meet the exacting standards demanded by our discerning customers.


We offer personalised spindles with designs of your choice etched into brass or stainless steel. Branded spindles can create unique balustrades, screens or decorative features for lobbies, reception areas, shops, restaurants, homes and businesses.

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We are proud that our craftsmen are entrusted to maintain and restore the authentic fabric of the UK’s most iconic cathedrals. Our ornate workmanship can be seen across the UK, from St Paul’s Cathedral to York Minster.

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Wrought iron is still available

We believe Topp & Co. is the only remaining supplier of re-rolled genuine wrought iron in the world. Our skilled craftsmen restore heritage metalwork and create new ironwork to build on the legacy of decorative wrought iron in Britain and around the world.

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Cast iron

We work closely with pattern makers and foundries to repair and reproduce stunning cast ironwork in all its glory. By working with our partners to restore cast iron features, we keep the beauty of this classic material alive for future generations.

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The Latest News

Chris Topp Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

For 35 years, along with his colleagues, Chris Topp has devoted his time to increasing his, and others, expertise in the preservation and restoration of the heritage of ancient iron. Chris Topps’ interest in traditional blacksmithing skills began in 1967 […]

New precision etched brass and stainless steel spindles now available

This innovative new system from TOPP & Co. in association with JP & T Spindles allows you to have your own design, logo or pattern, etched into patinated manganese bronze or stainless steel spindles to create your own unique balustrade […]