We buy Wrought Iron

We are looking to buy at well over the current scrap value any old iron anchor chain, anchors, gas holder, tie bars, iron bridges and even old iron railings are of interest. Normally we can tell if it is iron from a photograph but we will come and check it on site or you can send a sample, whichever is easiest for you.

Please bear us in mind when you are dismantling old structures, and give us a ring if you think there may be any wrought iron for disposal from your project.

Latest News

New precision etched brass and stainless steel spindles now available

This innovative new system from TOPP & Co. in association with JP & T Spindles allows you to have your own design, logo or pattern, etched into patinated manganese bronze or stainless steel spindles to … READ MORE

January 2019

Halifax market gates are back home

Calderdale Council kindly let us use this video they shot of Barry and team installing the restored Halifax Borough Market gates. Click this link to see the video READ MORE

August 2018