Wrought Iron

If you are specifying wrought iron as the material for your project please make sure that all parties costing the work are aware that wrought iron is a different material to steel or pure iron with vastly different properties.

TOPP & Co. can confirm that puddled wrought iron is indeed available, rolled to any size you like, in large or small batches as needed. It is hot rolled from Admiralty specification heavy mooring chain, and is of a quality which surpasses the needs of smiths making architectural work.

This material is completely different to pure iron, owing to the presence within the matrix of the iron, of up to 5% of silicate slags, distributed throughout the section as fibres. It is these slag fibres which give wrought irons their unique properties, including superb weldability ( in the fire) and resistance to corrosion.

We would be very happy to expand upon the unique and superior properties of wrought iron, if you are interested. Suffice to say, that no refined modern metal can be regarded as a substitute, unless of course someone comes up with one containing the slag fibres! As regards costs, these are comparable with any small production ferrous alloy, and sit somewhere between those of stainless steels and the cheaper bronzes.

Wrought iron is actually a material, not a descriptive term for items made in iron.

Wrought iron is the forgeable ferrous material made until about the mid-twentieth century that has been replaced by modern mild steel. It was originally called “wrought” (“worked”) to distinguish it from cast, or poured iron, because its manufacture required extensive forming under power hammers and through rollers.

It is characterised by its composite nature: it is fibrous, like wood, though you cannot tell that by looking at it unless it has been broken or badly corroded. The fibrous material is iron silicate, intimately mingled with the iron, and it gives wrought iron a combination of resistance to corrosion, plasticity when hot and tensile strength when cold that are generally greater than in mild steel.

Our specialist sister company and world authority, ‘The Real Wrought Iron Company’, is the only supplier of genuine wrought iron in the world. Please note the iron we supply is re-rolled puddled wrought iron, we do not actually puddle wrought iron. We supply both puddled and charcoal wrought iron to blacksmiths throughout the world, for use in the restoration of historic ironwork and the construction of prestigious architectural ironwork commissions.

We supply Genuine wrought iron in standard sections as follows:

The sections listed below are indicative of rolled sections which are supplied in imperial sizes, but by no means all that are available in puddled wrought iron. Please contact us to discuss any special requirements you might have. Rolled wrought iron is available in lengths from 1 foot upwards so if you only need 3 foot you only need to order 3 foot. Typical sections are as follows:

  • Round Bar – from 1/4″ to 2″ diameter
  • Square Bar – from 3/8″ sq. up to 2″ sq.
  • Flat Bar- we roll any bespoke sizes from 1/2″ x 1/4″ up to 3″ x 1/4″ and all combinations in-between
  • Puddled Plate – maximum width 16″ x 3/32″ thick up to 1/2″ thick. Length will vary depending on thickness but as a rule 36″ is about the maximum length. Please give us a call if your requirement differs from this guideline.
Topp & Co. are the only supplier of genuine wrought iron in the world

Wrought Iron sections

Topp & Co. are the only supplier of genuine wrought iron in the world

Wrought Iron standard stock sections

Topp & Co. are the only supplier of genuine wrought iron in the world

Topp & Co. are the only supplier of genuine wrought iron in the world

Imperial Sizes

We sell wrought iron in imperial sizes (feet and inches) in order that it will fully match historic ironwork. For those of you that are too young to remember or have not used the system an explanation is outlined below –

  • 1000mm = 39.36 inches
  • 25.4mm= 1 inch
  • 12 inches = 1 foot

Glossary: inch, in (abbreviation),  ” (also means inch) inches (plural) foot, ft (abbreviation),  ‘(also means foot), feet (plural). Please contact us to discuss your special requirements

Odd Sizes

Other sections not shown on the list may be produced by rolling, if in sufficient quantity, or by forging in smaller quantities. We are able to provide sizes larger than those shown, up to a maximum of about 4″ square, round or flat, or in exceptional circumstances even larger. There is generally a restriction on the available lengths of these larger sections.

Handrail  & Special Sections

Inspired by the need to replicate antique and long lost special sections in wrought iron we have installed hot rolling capacity which enables us to tool up to produce relatively small quantities of handrail. We have a standard profile handrail which is available in three sizes (sizes in Inches):

  • 2½ x ¾
  • 2 x ½
  • 1½ x ⅝

Specialist Sections

Simply send us a sample or a drawing of your section and we will give you a feasibility study and a quote. We can roll mouldings in a range of materials, principally wrought iron and mild steel, but we will also consider rolling sections in bronze, stainless steel etc

Sheet / Plate

We roll plate from 3/32″ to 2″ thick. The maximum standard sheet width is 16″ however we can go wider in certain circumstances so contact us to discuss your requirements.

Glazing Bar & Mouldings

We can roll mouldings in a range of materials, principally wrought iron and mild steel, but we will also consider rolling sections in bronze, stainless steel etc.

Charcoal Iron

Charcoal iron is more typical of pre -19th century irons, or what has come to be known as Swedish Iron. It is available by special request, particularly in sheet form, which lends itself admirably to repousee work.

Our brochure on wrought iron

This link takes you to our e-brochure page. the brochure titled wrought iron is a summary of our understanding and experience of this wonderful material.

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