Wrought Iron & Steel profiles

The profiles shown here are profiles we have either rolled to order on our rolling mill or carry as stock. Some of these profiles are only available in mild steel. Samples are available on request. One of the major advantages Topp & Co. offer for you when you choose wrought iron or steel for your handrail is that we have the ability to roll custom sections in house to order.

  • Wrought iron and steel as a handrail material is usually less expensive to make and shape than bronze.
  • Can be galvanized, painted, oiled, lacquered or left natural.
  • You can have your special section rolled to order in-house.
  • Can be forged and formed for more imaginative ends and more intricate shapes.


design your own section or use a standard one

Got a pencil, a piece of paper, and an idea? Talk to us. All of our sections, in whatever material, start out thus. After some drafting and some tooling, we can roll your idea using our own rolling mill, giving you direct contact with the creative process unmatched by other suppliers.

Topp & Co. give you the added advantage of being expert in forging, so the ends of your handrail can be formed to imaginative terminals, and the rail itself can be bent to match the curve of the stairs or walkway, even if this is extreme. We can also design and forge the fixtures that hold the rail to the wall.