South Shields Life Boat Canopy Restoration

We received an order to completely dismantle, strip, restore, re-produce, re-roof and repaint the existing Victorian canopy over the ‘Tyne’ lifeboat.

Both TYNE and canopy are listed as grade II and are owned and maintained by South Tyneside Council, TYNE and canopy were both badly damaged during an air raid in February 1941. They were subsequently repaired; however a photograph dating from the early 1960’s clearly showed that TYNE located below canopy but with an altered plain hipped roof structure, all ornate metal decorative roof features were missing from the eaves and ridgeline.

The philosophy for the repairs for both TYNE and the canopy was to base the new works on restoring both to their original appearances as could be clearly seen in surviving photographs which date from the first decade of the twentieth century.