Nineteenth century wrought iron gates restoration

Restoration of a pair of exquisitely made nineteenth century wrought iron gates for a client in the north of England. These gates, originally designed to operated by hand had suffered stress from the jerky movements of a rather crude automation system, to the extent that all of the frame joints had failed. Repaired now and fully restored using genuine puddled wrought iron, The gates were stripped of paint then the scroll work removed to allow for a complete and thorough restoration.the automation gear has been replaced with soft start, soft stop gear. Painting and gilding was carried out in house. A full conservation report was supplied on completion of the work.

The high standard of workmanship was of particular interest to the team of blacksmiths working on them and they were constantly finding work of a quality not often seen at such close quarters. One thing that was evident is that the constant painting over the years had built up to such a degree that the detail of the work was hard to see but what it had done was preserve the detail from heavy corrosion.