Manganese bronze handrail sections

Topp & Co can now offer a new manganese bronze handrail profile to add to our existing range making a choice of 6 in total. These bronze handrails can be patinated, polished, plated, waxed or simply left un-treated to patinate gracefully with time and use.

We can supply these handrail sections as standard 5 metre lengths or offer a complete service including design, make and installation. Samples and technical information regarding these manganese bronze profiles and appropriate surface treatments, are available on request.

  • Manganese bronze handrail can be formed either cold or hot
  • An inclusion of 1% of iron makes it easier to achieve tight radii.
  • Manganese handrail does polish exactly the same as any other handrail.
  • Manganese can be Brazed, TIG welded or silver soldered.

Manufacture of Handrails
We are happy to make handrails, both curved and straight, to fit to your requirements. If you simply want to utilise our bending and scrolling of these sections for others to install, we can offer that as well.

Below are pdf versions of our datasheet for you to download if required. Please check that the profile you require is in stock before placing an order. Samples and technical information regarding profiles are available on request.