TOPP & Co. have a long history of international work. We have supplied materials and components to customers in the USA, Canada, Australia, mainland Europe and even the Falkland Islands! We are currently engaged in two exciting projects in San Francisco in the U.S.A. Our surveyors go to site to retrieve dimensions, design and manufacture is done in our Yorkshire workshops, and when required, our people travel to site and fit the work when it is completed. We find that shipping of components, sometimes of considerable size and weight, by shipping container, is both economical and convenient. Even in such a sophisticated environment as North America, our customers find that we have something to offer which cannot be sourced locally.

TOPP & Co. are happy to work with international customers and have gained valuable experience of the typical logistical issues that are involved  Jerome Peycher the managing director of TOPP & Co. says “The huge advancement in technology has given our company the ability to look at project CAD drawings and respond quickly and efficiently to our customers’ needs.” Managing and overseeing installation as well as manufacturing are all part of the service Topp & Co. can offer our customers.

TOPP & Co. are part of an on-going U.K. Trade and Investment programme that offers us valuable support and advice as well as an understanding of how to access the vast knowledge and experience of our country’s government embassies around the world. Jerome says “We understand that every project is unique and will have its own individual challenges. We thrive on solving these challenges as they are presented which means we are always working to produce our customers’ work on time and within budget. We can either supply ironwork to site for the contractors own installation team or alternatively offer a complete concept to completion and installation installation package.”

If you would like us to look at the feasibility and costs of making your project  in our workshops, please contact us with your enquiry.

Established over 30 years ago by Chris Topp, the company has grown and evolved into one of Great Britain’s leading companies for bespoke architectural metalwork. TOPP & Co’s  philosophy is simple: To produce the quality of work customers expect, requires the best craftsmen working with quality tools and equipment in the best possible environment. With this in mind the company has overseen a substantial investment in our workshops, which are  fully equipped with the specialist equipment needed. Topp and Co. are now accredited as working to EN1090 standard, the highest industrial standard for British metal workshops.


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