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The Natural History Museum Railing Restoration

We are currently restoring the boundary railings at the Grade I Listed Natural History Museum in London. The railings appear for the most part to be original, dating from the construction of the building in the …

March 2017

Bronze Handrail for Manchester University — Whitworth Gallery

A commission to add additional handrails to the Grand Staircase in this iconic building in Manchester. We manufactured a new bronze handrail profile for this project that will take LED lighting on the underside along with …

October 2016

New bronze handrail for Paisley Town Hall.

This manganese bronze handrail has been formed in our workshop and attached to existing posts. The bronze handrail replaces the original wooden one. The handrail has been patinated brown before fixing and you will note …

October 2016

Salts Mill Saltaire Bradford – A Project Completed

TOPP & Co. have completed the task of removing the old heavy cast iron panels from site, repairing and refitting broken finials, refurbishing the panels and returning them to site. Salts Mill is a former textile …

September 2016

Working with Genuine Puddled Wrought Iron

Puddled iron is a mixture of nearly pure iron with up to 5% siliceous (glassy) slags, which take the form of linear fibres - giving the metal its characteristic grain. Puddled iron is for the …

August 2016

Bronze Handrail — New Profile — MBH3

The use of Bronze handrails on projects is becoming increasingly more popular so we have added another new profile to our existing range of bronze handrails, bringing the total available to 6. As with all of …

August 2016

Bespoke wrought iron handrails

We recently completed a project to supply and install two runs of wrought iron convex handrails, with cast iron supporting posts, at a private local residence in Boroughbridge.  

August 2016

Conservation and Repair of Architectural and Structural Metalwork Short Course

West Dean College in West Sussex is running a short course covering the conservation of structural metalwork and architectural features and includes repair techniques of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The 3 day course runs from 6th …

August 2016

First Impressions Create a Lasting Impression

Alexandre Creze and Ulysse MacCormack, two Compagnons who are coming to the end of a twelve month stay with TOPP & Co. have designed, produced and installed, a beautiful new door for the workshop. The steel …

July 2016

Holland Park Kensington Entrance Gates – all that glitters is actually gold!

We have just re-installed the lovely gates on the entrance to Holland Park in Kensington. If you are passing them on a sunny day please have a pair of sunglasses handy because they have been gilded …

July 2016