Bronze doors and windows

Introducing a revolutionary and innovative bronze system from Topp & Co.

As a major architectural feature, these magnificent manganese bronze doors provide an unrivalled opportunity for expression and feature levels of detail and craftsmanship simply not possible until combined with the CAD and modelling technology of today.. These doors transform any entrance into a stunning and personal work of art.

Exquisite Detail

Our revolutionary method of producing the casting patterns directly from a CAD design, together with the traditional skills of our bronze founders, guarantees the finest possible resolution of detail in our finished castings. And the creative process is freed by removing traditional obstacles and uncertainties associated with the hand-crafted interpretation of a design into a casting pattern. Our system ensures your vision is realized from inspiration right down to the finished, exquisite detail. This level of creative freedom and accuracy allows your doors to become a more personal design statement.

Unrivalled Quality

The versatility, beauty and longevity of bronze present challenges to any designer in matching the quality of the design to the quality and timelessness of the material. We’ve met that challenge with the introduction of these fine doors. Our unique and patented system features several manganese bronze thermal break profiles and can accommodate both double and triple glazed units. Solid bronze castings can also be incorporated to emphasize the sheer elegance and quality of the doors.

Personalised Design

Topp & Co offer a complete service from concept design to site installation and are happy to work alongside architects, designers to bring ideas to life. Using the latest 3D modelling software, the client will be able to visualize the finished product in its environment before committing to manufacturing the doors. The moulds for the casting are produced directly via CAD/CAM process, eliminating the intermediate time-consuming and variable process of handcarving moulds.


We offer two basic different types of thermal break profile: Contemporary and Prestige, to which can be added a variety of sections to build up a unique profile. The Contemporary profile is a simple but very stylish design with its straight lines and sharp corners. The Prestige profile is quite simply exquisite and offers limitless opportunities to add personalized decorative detailing in the form of other sections to your taste.

Bronze Casement Windows

Motorised sash windows or hinged windows using the same manganese bronze thermal break profiles have also been developed to offer you the best possible range of products available on today’s market. These bronze windows can accommodate both double and triple glazed units.

Finish and Patinas.

The aesthetic quality of Bronze is special even in its natural state but when fully patinated it has a quality that is timeless. There is a choice of patinas that can be applied to our manganese bronze doors including an aged antique bronze which is waxed and polished. The maintenance of these finishes is straightforward and details are supplied with the Doors.

Manganese Bronze

The bronze we use is an alloy of mainly copper, zinc and manganese plus other elements in lesser quantities. The copper gives it corrosion resistance and durability and the manganese gives tensile strength. We have found this to be perfectly suited to the casting and extrusion processes used in the manufacturing of both doors and casement windows.

Bronze work
Bronze Doors and Windows
Bronze Doors and Windows
Bronze doors and windows by Topp & Co.

Prestige profile

Bronze doors and windows by Topp & Co.

Contemporary Profile

Bronze doors and windows by Topp & Co.
Bronze doors and windows by Topp & Co.

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Bronze doors and windows by Topp & Co.
Bronze doors and windows by Topp & Co.
CAD design visualisation for entrance
CAD design visualisation for entrance
Bronze doors and windows by Topp & Co.


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