Bronze and brass handrails

We invite you to let your imagination run riot and present us with the sort of challenges we love

We have installed our bronze handrails in many varieties of properties and in many different forms, but all serve the same purposes of safety and demarcation. Stylistically, we have fulfilled designers’ and architects’ briefs for anything from medieval, through Renaissance, Baroque, Victorian, to ultramodern, and everything in-between. We have made everything from straight runs of handrail attached to walls to elaborate complete spiral staircases capped with torturously twisting, exactly fitting bronze. In the simplest case to the most complex, your needs are carefully considered.

One of the finest handrail materials, our manganese alloyed bronze is extremely beautiful and versatile. We can supply the standard sections shown here in 5 metre lengths or offer a complete service including design, make and installation. We can match existing profiles or make entirely new ones.

Our manganese bronze handrail can be formed either cold or hot

Can be bent to tight radiuses in any direction

Can be polished, artificially patinated, plated, waxed or simply left un-treated to patinate naturally with time and use

Can be brazed, TIG-welded or silver soldered

Invent a new shape and we will supply it!

Please check that the profile you require is in stock before placing an order. Samples and technical information regarding profiles are available on request.

Bronze Handrail Section MBH1

MBH1 Profile

Bronze Handrail Section MBH2

MBH2 Profile

Bronze Handrail Section MBH3

MBH3 Profile

Bronze Handrail Section MBH4

MBH4 Profile

Bronze Handrail Section MBH5

MBH5 Profile

Bronze Handrail Section MBH6

MBH 6 Profile

There are examples of various  bronze handrail projects in our portfolio section on handrails.

Below are the datasheet pdf downloads for our manganese bronze handrail sections.

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