Topp & Co E-brochures

Have a flick through our e-brochures. We will be adding more from time to time and hope they prove useful in showing you the areas in which we specialise.


TOPP & Co. produce exquisite architectural metalwork in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including gates, railings, balustrades, handrails, and bronze doors and windows. We are leading restoration blacksmiths, and produce both modern and traditional new work.

Heritage Ironwork

One of our specialities, and the foundation on which TOPP & Co. has been built, is our work in the preservation, restoration and recreation of heritage ironwork in wrought and cast iron.


TOPP & Co. produce premium decorative ironwork in all its forms – this is a gallery of some of our fine balustrade work.


TOPP & Co. present a selection of elegant handrails in wrought iron, steel, bronze, wood, leather and stainless steel

Wrought Iron

This comprehensive guide explores the material wrought iron and the philosophy and practice of heritage restoration work using it. All alternative materials are examined for relevance, and the strengths of using wrought iron for new work are also covered.

Bronze Doors

TOPP & Co. introduce a unique way of producing exquisite bronze doors and windows.

Making a Gate

This document demonstrates the steps involved in creating a truly authentic traditionally made forged gate using genuine wrought iron.

Latest News


Work on the restoration work for the Natural History Museum in London goes on…and on… and on.

Installation of the first batch of gates. railings and lanterns has now been completed and back to their former glory. Hope you like the colour, Who said ironwork should be black anyway. still no rest on … READ MORE

October 2017


Adding a bit of colour to Halifax Market.

The first 4 pairs of Gates are now back on the indoor market in Halifax. 4 more pairs to go. This will keep Phil busy for a while. Thumbs up to whoever chose the blue … READ MORE

October 2017